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"DC is turning the clock backwards on their SECRET FILES program with their first 'sourcebook' focusing on their Golden Age, in December's GOLDEN AGE SECRET FILES #1. In addition to the usual profile pages of all their biggest Golden Age stars, writer John Ostrander explores the origins of costume heroes in the DCU through the eyes of a certain mild-mannered reporter for the Daily Planet. Interviewing some of the still-living heroes from that time, Clark Kent helps readers experience the events that inspired the first generation of heroes through the eyes of those who were there to see it. Through his investigation, Kent will overturn secrets of the surprising event that inspired the DCU's first costumed hero, the Crimson Avenger." -- report in the September 16 edition of Newsarama.


In anticipation of this big event, I've prepared a bare bones file on the last known whereabouts of most of DC's costumed and super-powered crimefighters of the 1940s.

Note that these are their last CHRONOLOGICAL appearances, not necessarily their last published appearances.

Air Wave: Killed by an escaped convict roughly twenty years ago (DC COMICS PRESENTS # 40). Succeeded by his son (GREEN LANTERN (second series) # 100).

Amazing-Man: Stricken with cancer when last seen (JUSTICE LEAGUE AMERICA # 87). Succeeded by his grandson (# 91), who was later killed (STARMAN (current) # 38).

The Americommando: Killed in an explosion in February of 1945 (NATIONAL COMICS (1999) # 1).

The Atom: Killed by Extant (ZERO HOUR # 3). Represented in current JSA by godson Atom-Smasher.

Billy Gunn: Killed by the Spider in October 1948 (STARS & S.T.R.I.P.E. # 9).

Black Canary: Died of cancer (SECRET ORIGINS # 50). Represented in current JSA by her daughter, the second Black Canary.

Black Condor: Appears as a spectral image,claiming to have moved on to "a higher plane of existence" and working on behalf of an altruistic agency (BLACK CONDOR # 4, 10; RAY # 20-21). Connected in an unspecified manner to his successor, Ryan Kendall (BLACK CONDOR # 1-12).

Bulletgirl: Died (POWER OF SHAZAM! # 43). Succeeded as a crimefighter by daughter Windshear (# 32).

Bulletman: Retired (POWER OF SHAZAM! # 8). Succeeded as a crimefighter by daughter Windshear (# 32).

Captain Triumph: Last seen in 1949 (CRACK COMICS # 42).

Captain X: Killed by Stalnoivolk (FIRESTORM # 71). Grandson Ron (Firestorm) Raymond continues to operate as a crimefighter.

The Clipper: Disappeared in the early 1930s (FLASH (current) # 23).

The Clock: Reportedly murdered in 1941 (STARMAN (current) # 19).

Commander Steel: Killed by Eclipso (ECLIPSO # 13). Represented by grandson in Justice League of America at one point (JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA ANNUAL # 2), since slain by Professor Ivo (JLA # 260).

Commando Yank: Last seen in 1948 (WHIZ COMICS # 102).

The Crimson Avenger: Killed in a tanker explosion (DC COMICS PRESENTS # 38). Unidentifed successor recently spotted in Detroit (STARS & S.T.R.I.P.E. # 9).

The Cyclone Kids: Recently reactivated as the Cyclones, part of Old Justice (YOUNG JUSTICE # 16).

Destiny: Last seen in 1944 (POLICE COMICS # 36).

The Destroying Demon: Abandoned costume almost immediately in late 1940 (FEATURE # 40). Last seen, as Bruce Blackburn in 1942(# 56).

Doctor Fate: Granted access to Heaven alongside his wife, Inza (FATE # 22). Both now reside within the Fate amulet (JSA # 3). Numerous successors, including the late Jared Stevens (whose glimpse of Heaven was replaced by a false memory of Kent and Inza's demise). Currently represented in the JSA by Hector Hall.

Doctor Mid-Nite: Killed by Extant (ZERO HOUR # 3). Previously succeeded by Beth Chapel (INFINITY, INC. # 21), later slain by Eclipso (ECLIPSO # 13). Currently represented in the JSA by Pieter Anton Cross.

Doctor Occult: Merged with partner Rose Psychic in 1945 (SUPERMAN ANNUAL (current) # 7). Still active. Seen most recently in DAY OF JUDGMENT # 1-5.

Doiby Dickles: Recently returned to Earth as part of Old Justice (YOUNG JUSTICE # 16). A return to his adoptive planet of Myrg is imminent in YOUNG JUSTICE.

Doll Girl: Last seen in 1953 (DOLL MAN # 46). Connection to new Doll Girl (TITANS SECRET FILES # 2) is unknown.

Doll Man: Last seen over a decade ago during the Appellaxian invasion (JLA: YEAR ONE # 11-12). Connection to new Doll Man (TITANS SECRET FILES # 2) is unknown.

Dyna-Mite: Recently returned to costume as part of Old Justice (YOUNG JUSTICE # 16).

Fatman: Last seen in June of 1942 (YOUNG ALL-STARS # 27).

Fireball: Last seen in June of 1942 (YOUNG ALL-STARS # 26).

Firebrand I: Succeeded by his sister as Firebrand. Last seen on April 1, 1942 preparing to ship out for combat in World War Two (ALL-STAR SQUADRON # 50).

Firebrand II: Met an uncertain fate at the hands of the Dragon King (STARS & S.T.R.I.P.E. # 12). Represented in current JSA by godson Atom-Smasher. The Firebrand name was recently appropriated by Alejandro "Alex" Sanchez (FIREBRAND # 1-9).

The Flash: Still active in the JSA.

Flying Fox: Last seen in June of 1942 (YOUNG ALL-STARS # 31). Connection to the villainous Arak of Helix (INFINITY, INC. # 17) is unknown.

Fury: Recently rejuvenated and granted sanctuary on Themyscira (LEGENDS OF THE DCU # 30-32). Represented in Infinity, Inc. by her daughter, the second Fury (INFINITY, INC. # 1-3).

General Glory: Suffered a fatal heart attack. Succeeded by police officer Donovan Wallace (JLI QUARTERLY # 16).

Genius Jones: Last seen in 1947 (MORE FUN # 126).

The Ghost of Flanders: Last seen in 1942 (HIT COMICS # 25).

The Ghost Patrol: Last seen in 1949 (FLASH COMICS # 104).

Gimmick Girl: Believed dead for years (INFINITY, INC. # 3, 9) but recently surfaced as part of Old Justice (YOUNG JUSTICE # 16). Represented in Infinity, Inc. by Brainwave, Jr. (INFINITY, INC. # 1-3), now confined to a sanitarium (GREEN LANTERN/ SENTINEL: HEART OF DARKNESS # 1-2).

The Great Defender: Last seen in 1944 (HIT COMICS # 34).

Green Lantern: Still active as Sentinel in the JSA.

The Grim Ghost: Last seen in 1945 (SENSATION # 38).

The Guardian: Still active in a youthful cloned body as head of security at Project Cadmus (seen regularly in SUPERBOY).

The Harlequin: Retired and married to Alan (Sentinel) Scott. Seen most recently in GREEN LANTERN (current) # 110.

Hawkgirl I and Hawkman I: Merged with Katar Hol into a single being (HAWKMAN (third series) # 13). Status to be determined in a forthcoming JSA storyline. Represented in JSA by their son, Hector (Doctor Fate) Hall.

Hercules: Suffering from Alzheimer's Disease (STARMAN (current) # 35).

Hourman: Killed by Extant (ZERO HOUR # 3). Succeeded by son Rick (INFINITY, INC. # 21). Represented until recently in JSA by the Hourman of the 853rd Century.

The Human Bomb: Retired (DAMAGE 2, 0, 8, 11,18).

Ibis the Invincible: Still active. Last glimpsed during the Mageddon crisis (JLA # 38).

The Invisible Hood: Presumed dead after the December 7, 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor (SECRET ORIGINS # 26) but survived until 1974 when he was murdered by the Icicle and the Mist (STARMAN (current) # 2). It has been speculated the he is the grandfather of Tyson (Blindside) Gilford (RELATIVE HEROES # 1).

Iron Munro: Semi-retired but still youthful and active as circumstances warrant (DAMAGE # 2-6, 0, 8-12, 18-20).

The Jester: Retired in 1952 (STARMAN (current) # 46).

Johnny Quick: Killed during a battle with Savitar (IMPULSE # 11). Represented in the current Titans by daughter Jesse Quick.

Johnny Thunder: Afflicted with memories of other realities (SPECTRE (third series) # 20) and diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease (FATE # 22; FLASH # 134).

Judomaster: Kept young thanks to decades in Nanda Parbat, recently returned to Western civilization (THE L.A.W. # 1-6).

Kid Eternity: Killed by Mordru (JSA # 1).

The King: Last seen in February of 1945(STAR SPANGLED COMICS (1999) # 1).

Kuei: Last seen in June of 1942 (YOUNG ALL-STARS # 26).

Lando, Man of Magic: Last seen in 1942 (WORLD'S FINEST # 7).

Liberty Belle: Semi-active (THE FINAL NIGHT # 2) but largely retired since the death of her ex-husband, Johnny Quick (WONDER WOMAN PLUS # 1). Represented in the current Titans by daughter Jesse Quick ... and soon slated to appear there herself.

Little Boy Blue & The Blue Boys: Retired. Briefly succeeded by their offspring (FLASH (current) # 12; INVASION! # 2).

Madam Fatal: Dead (JSA # 1).

Magno: Killed at Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7, 1941 (SECRET ORIGINS # 26).

Manhunter I: Retired. Last seen at wedding of Hector and Lyta Hall (INFINITY, INC. # 51).

Manhunter II: Killed in conflict with the Council (DETECTIVE # 443).

The Marksman: Last seen in 1945 (SMASH COMICS # 58).

Merlin: Killed by a supernatural conclave in February of 1945 (ALL STAR COMICS (1999) # 1).

Midnight: Last seen in 1949 (SMASH COMICS # 85). Connection with Robert Avery, the recent Midnight (MS. TREE QUARTERLY # 1-7), if any, is unknown.

Minute-Man: Still active as a federal agent (POWER OF SHAZAM! # 19).

Minute-Man Martin: Last seen in 1941(ADVENTURE # 73-74).

Miss America: Retired. Last seen at the wedding of her adoptive daughter Lyta (Fury)Trevor and Hector Hall (INFINITY, INC. # 51).

Miss X: Last seen in 1940 (ACTION # 30).

Mister Scarlet: Retired at some point after 1955 (POWER OF SHAZAM! # 12, 44). Succeeded by his partner, Pinky.

Mister Terrific: Killed by the Spirit King (JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA # 171). Represented in current JSA by Michael Holt.

The Mouthpiece: Last seen in 1942 (POLICE # 13).

Nadir, Master of Magic: Strangled into unconsciousness in mid-1938 (NEW ADVENTURE COMICS # 30). Fate unknown.

Neon the Unknown: Killed at Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7, 1941 (SECRET ORIGINS # 26).

Neptune Perkins: Currently a United States senator. Succeeded as a crimefighter by daughter Deep Blue (AQUAMAN (current) # 23-25) a.k.a. Indigo (# 55).

Phantasmo: Last seen in June of 1942 (YOUNG ALL-STARS # 26) but his post-war activities have been hinted at (TEEN TITANS SPOTLIGHT # 11).

Phantom Eagle: Last seen in 1948 (WOW COMICS # 69).

Phantom Lady: Retired. Now serving as dean of the Universte Notre Dame des Ombres (ACTION COMICS # 636; DAMAGE # 11-12). Succeeded by Dee Tyler (ACTION # 636-641).

Pinky: Still active as the second Mister Scarlet (POWER OF SHAZAM! # 44).

Plastic Man: Still active with the JLA.

Quicksilver: Currently known as Max Mercury. Fate to be determined in IMPULSE # 66.

The Ray: Still semi-active and, until recently, manipulative of his son and successor. Last seen in THE RAY # 27-28.

The Red Bee: Killed by Baron Blitzkrieg in February of 1942 (ALL-STAR SQUADRON # 35, reaffirmed in ALL STAR COMICS (1999) # 2).

The Red Tornado: Dead (according to YOUNG JUSTICE # 16). Represented in Old Justice by her partners, the Cyclones, and in Young Justice by her android namesake.

The Red Torpedo: Killed at Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7, 1941 (SECRET ORIGINS # 26).

Robotman: Retired, thanks to his acquisition of human body (DC COMICS PRESENTS # 31). Most recently seen in STARS & S.T.R.I.P.E. # 8. Cliff Steele later used Robotman as his alias with the Doom Patrol.

The Sandman: Killed by Mordru (JSA SECRET FILES # 1). Represented in current JSA by Sanderson "Sand" Hawkins. Numerous others have taken the Sandman name, most recently Daniel Hall, grandson of Hawkman, Hawkgirl, Fury and Miss America.

Sandy: Still youthful and active in current JSA as Sand.

Sargon the Sorcerer: Killed (SWAMP THING # 50), resurrected (# 143) and killed again (# 150).

Scarab: Possibly stripped of his power by Mordru (JSA # 3-4).

Sgt. Glory: Collapsed in dementia and took the current identity of the Glory Shredder (IMPULSE # 37, 65).

# 711: Killed by racketeer Oscar Jones in 1942 (POLICE COMICS # 15).

The Shining Knight: Still active and seen most recently in STARS & S.T.R.I.P.E. # 10-13. Name briefly used by Gardner Grayle (SILVER AGE: SHOWCASE # 1; SILVER AGE 80-PAGE GIANT # 1).

The Sniper: Last seen in 1944 (MILITARY COMICS # 34).

The Spectre: Jim Corrigan retired to Heaven (THE SPECTRE # 62). The ghostly mantle is presently worn by Hal Jordan.

The Spider: Exposed as a villain and killed by the Shade in 1951 (THE SHADE # 3). Succeeded by a son who continues his evil ways (STARMAN # 63-71).

Spy Smasher: Retired (POWER OF SHAZAM! # 8).

The Squire: Took the guise of the Knight in the 1950s, continuing for an undetermined length of time (INFINITY, INC. # 34). His Squire persona was assumed by his son, Cyril, known today as the new Knight (JLA # 26).

Stalnoivolk: Now a villain. Last seen fighting the Khmer Rouge and the vampiric Schrek in Vietnam (SUICIDE SQUAD # 57).

Starman: Largely retired since the Zero Hour incident (ZERO HOUR # 1). Fate to be determined shortly in STARMAN. Numerous claimants to the name, most recently his sons David (killed in STARMAN # 0) and Jack.

Star-Spangled Kid: Killed by Solomon Grundy and the Harlequin sometime after taking the new alias of Skyman (INFINITY, INC. # 51). Represented in current JSA by his namesake Courtney Whitmore.

Stripesy: Still active in the robotic form of S.T.R.I.P.E.

Stuff I: Murdered in November of 1944 by "Bugsy" Siegel (VIGILANTE: CITY LIGHTS, PRAIRIE JUSTICE # 1). Succeeded by his brother, Victor (STARS & S.T.R.I.P.E. # 9).

Stuff II: Retired. Now in partnership with the former Vigilante as part of Round-Up, Inc. (EL DIABLO # 12).

The Sword: Abandoned his costumed persona in 1941 (POLICE # 5). Last seen, as Chic Carter, in 1945 (NATIONAL # 47).

The Tarantula: Retired (NIGHTWING # 14, 16, 21, 31, 40).

Thorndyke Tompkins: Recently returned as Second Sweep, a member of Old Justice (YOUNG JUSTICE # 16).

Tiger: Now a villain known as Avatar (THE L.A.W. # 1-6).

The Tigress: Became the Huntress in 1947 (SENSATION # 68) and still operates under that name today (YOUNG JUSTICE # 25). Represented in the Injustice Society by her daughter, now known as the Tigress herself.

TNT: Killed in an auto accident in April of 1942 (YOUNG ALL-STARS # 1).

Tor, the Magic Master: Killed by a supernatural conclave in February of 1945 (ALL STAR COMICS (1999) # 1).

Tsunami: Semi-active. Succeeded as a crimefighter by daughter Deep Blue (AQUAMAN (current) # 23-25) a.k.a. Indigo (# 55).

Uncle Sam: Reincarnated as the Patriot (THE SPECTRE # 50).

USA, the Spirit of Old Glory: Last seen in 1941 (FEATURE # 48).

The Vigilante: Semi-retired. Seen most recently in EL DIABLO # 12 and IMPULSE ANNUAL # 2. Multiple unsanctioned claimants to his name, most of them now dead.

The Voice: Last seen in 1940 (FEATURE # 37).

The Whip: Last seen in 1945 (SENSATION # 43).

Wildcat: Still active with the JSA. Previously succeeded by Yolanda Montez (CRISIS # 6), later slain by Eclipso (ECLIPSO # 13).

Wildfire: Last seen in 1942 (SMASH # 37).

Wing: Sacrificed his life to destroy the Nebula-Man (JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA # 100, 102).

Wonder Boy: Last seen in 1942 (NATIONAL # 26).

Zatara: Killed during a spiritual conflagration (SWAMP THING # 50). Succeeded by his daughter, Zatanna.

Zero, Ghost Detective: Last seen in 1943 (FEATURE # 72).

CoMike Norris
posted September 17, 2000 04:51 PM

Wasnt TNT killed by Axis America?

What about Blue Beetle I ?

posted September 17, 2000 08:05 PM

TNT was chasing Nazi agents in YAS # 1 when his car crashed. Axis Amerika didn't show up until the last page of the issue.

The first Blue Beetle of the current DCU started operating in the relatively recent past. Dan Garrett had Ted Kord as one of his college students before he became the Beetle.

posted September 18, 2000 12:03 AM

Hey, Miki, I thought that Mouthpiece was last seen recently in the mini-series of Dr. Mid-Nite II, right? He was very old and his fingers were cut off.

posted September 18, 2000 11:00 AM

His fingers were cut off? That's disgusting! Did it happen in the mini or at some time in the past?

The JSA All-Star Story Site

Earth-1: After the Crisis

Earth-X: The Fight Continues

Earth 4: Starting Over

Shazam! Earth-S Lives On

posted September 18, 2000 06:05 PM

Re: DOCTOR MID-NITE. I looked at the mini-series again and I don't think that the lawyer/street person is supposed to be the Golden Age hero. There's no reason he COULDN'T be (though it'd be rather sad for him to come to such a sorry state) but "mouthpiece" is a slang term for lawyer and I think that Matt Wagner simply wanted a colorful nickname for his character. Only Matt knows for sure, though.

posted September 18, 2000 06:32 PM

Flying Fox and Arak are not related in fact Arak the Windrider is supposed to be related to the original Arak. And Flying Fox is Canadian not American.

Kana the Shadow Warrior? Gravedigger Jones? The Creature Commandoes? Sgt Rock? These guys were heroes too.

Wonder Woman, now this is a strange one, does superman know that there was a Golden Age Wonder Woman? Golden Arrow, Bozo the Iron Man, the Blue Tracer? Captain Comet? Stalnoivolk (He was the Russian WW2 Superman).

posted September 18, 2000 07:46 PM

Actually, the Flying Fox WAS a member of the Quontauka (as explained in YOUNG ALL-STARS # 20). His biological connection to the original Arak wasn't confirmed but Flying Fox was chosen to serve He-No.

Re: Gravedigger, Sgt. Rock, et al. To prevent the list from being any longer than it was, I tried to restrict it primarily to costumed or super-powered characters. Including all the mere mortals of the Golden Age would have added dozens more entries. Maybe someday ...

Golden Arrow, with the exception of a handful of stories (including the first!)was explicitly set in the Old West. The Blue Tracer was a judgment call. Bill Dunn had that amazing machine but he didn't have a costume or powers. I cut off the list at 1950 so Captain Comet didn't make the cut. Stalnoivolk is on the list.

I just plain forgot Bozo. As seen in STARMAN # 64, his body is (or was) in the possession of a Japanese collector. Likewise, I think an entry for Hippolyta is justified.

And, yeah, I can see the Creature Commandos and Kana on the list. Kana last appeared towards the end of WWII in G.I. COMBAT # 279. The Creature Commandos are an odd case. I'm not sure what to make of the current series and, prior to that, we same their heads as trophies in Nelson Strong's gallery (SWAMP THING # 145) despite Velcro having appeared alive in TEAM TITANS # 17-19. The pre-Commandos Project M was in YOUNG ALL-STARS # 12-14 and 28.

Many thanks for the comments and additions!

posted September 18, 2000 08:51 PM

You forgot Hippolyta....

posted September 20, 2000 01:42 AM

What a fantastic, terrific, spectacular piece of work. I've copied and pasted you into my own files for reference.

Quick note- the Ray I was killed in the second Ray's series, and was impersonated by the killer, as a I recall. Unless Priest changed his mind at the last minute? I try to block out bad series...

Let's hope that the heroes on your list who are missing are also presumed dead. It's just too unbelievable to think they'd all have lived extremely long lives (most of them would be in their early nineties by now).

posted September 20, 2000 06:12 AM

The elder Ray did indeed show up alive at the end of the series. Dunno if Chris Priest changed his mind or whether he had it planned all along.

posted September 23, 2000 02:55 PM

Actually, Roy Thomas has said that he had plans to eventually delineate the connection (as in, there IS a familial one) between the original Arak, Flying Fox, and the new Arak of Helix.

New Member
posted September 29, 2000 10:16 PM

Originally posted by Mikishawm:

The Americommando: Killed in an explosion in February of 1945 (NATIONAL COMICS (1999) # 1).

The Coordinator, head of Hero Hotline, was intended to be the Americommando. Don't have National Comics #1 handy. Did we see the body?

posted September 30, 2000 12:50 AM

Originally posted by outpost2:

The Americommando: Killed in an explosion in February of 1945 (NATIONAL COMICS (1999) # 1).

The Coordinator, head of Hero Hotline, was intended to be the Americommando. Don't have National Comics #1 handy. Did we see the body?

I've kinda felt that it was left up in the air whether Americommando was killed or not... so i've left that he is missing in action ( comics, excuse the pun... )

And i'm not really sure that Hero Hotline is in continuity... Has HH made any appearances in any other books??

New Member
posted September 30, 2000 02:22 PM

Plastic Man should probably not be included in that list since in current continuity he only became active three years ago. Hop Harrigan briefly wore a costume as the Guardian Angel for three issues and should probably be included. Wings Wendell at Quality also sported a costume for a while.

I guess I will mention the Raven and Spider Widow, I wasn't sure I would.

I noticed you didn't include any Fawcett hero who wasn't in Power of Shazam.

Was there a reason for that?

posted September 30, 2000 02:52 PM

It's fascinating that DC has finally confirmed the Crimson Avenger as their first costume hero (in the DCU). I don't recall it ever being so clearly acknowledged before.

Remember when we had that debate last year about who was first? Ah those halcyon days...

posted December 04, 2000 04:33 PM

You know this is a very fascinating thread.

But what I was wondering was: Could you provide the secret identities of these fine characters for me and everyone else so we know who is who.

Again thank-you.

The Clarion
posted December 04, 2000 06:01 PM

I'll have a crack at this; n/c means not-currently continuity.:

Air Wave (Lawrence "Larry" Jordan)
Amazing Man (William "Will" Everett)
Aquaman (Arthur Curry; n/c)
Atom (Al Pratt)
Batman (Bruce Wayne; n/c)
Black Canary (Dinah Drake)
Black Condor (Sen. Thomas Wright, born Richard Grey, Jr.)
Blue Tracer (William "Bill" Dunn)
Bozo, the Iron Man (no i.d.)
Bulletgirl (Susan Kent)
Bulletman (James (Jim) "Bullet" Barr)
Captain Marvel (William "Billy" Batson; n/c)
Captain Marvel Jr. (Frederick "Freddy" Freeman;n/c)
Captain Triumph (Lance and Michael Gallant)
Captain X (Richard "Buck" Dare)
Clock (Brian o'Brien)
Commander Steel (Henry "Hank" Heywood)
Crimson Avenger (Lee Walter Travis)
Destroing Demon (Bruce Blackburn)
Dr. Fate (Kent Nelson)
Dr. Mid-Nite (Charles M. McNider, M.D.)
Dr. Occult (Richard Occult)
Doll Girl (Martha Roberts)
Doll Man (Darrell Dane)
Dyna-Mite (Daniel Dunbar)
Firebrand I (Rod Reilly)
Firebrand II (Dannette Reilly)
Flash (Jason Peter "Jay" Garrick)
Flying Fox (no i.d.)
Fury (Helena Kosmatos)
Ghost of Flanders (Ripley "Rip" Graves)
Great Defender ("Stormy" Foster)
Green Arrow (Oliver Queen; n/c)
Green Lantern (Alan Wellington Ladd Scott)
Grim Ghost (Keith Everett)
Guardian (James "Jim" Harper)
Guardian Angel (Hop Harrigan)
Hawkgirl (Sheira Sanders)
Hawkman (Carter Hall)
Hourman (Rex "Tick-Tock" Tyler)
Human Bomb (Roy Lincoln)
Hunchback (Allen Lanier)
Huntress I / Tigress II (Paula Brooks)
Ibis (no i.d.)
Invisible Hood (Kent Thurston)
"Iron" Munro (Arnold "Arn" Munro)
Jester (Charles "Chuck" Lane)
Johnny Quick (Jonathan "Johnny" Chambers)
Johnny Thunder (John L. Thunder)
Just N' Right (Justin Wright)
Kid Eternity (Christopher "Kit" Freeman)
King ("King" Standish)
Lando (no i.d.?)
Liberty Belle (Libby Lawrence)
Madame Fatale (Richard Stanton)
Magno (Thomas "Tom" Dalton)
Manhunter I (Paul Kirk)
Manhunter II (Donald "Dan" Richards- don't ask!)
Marksman (Baron Polasky)
Mary Marvel (Mary Batson a.k.a. Mary Bromfield)
Merlin (Jock Kellogg)
Midnight (David "Dave" Clark)
Minute Man (Jack Weston)
Miss America (Joan Dale)
Mr. America/ The Americommando ("Tex" Thompson)
Mr. Scarlet (Brian Butler)
Mr. Terrific (Terrence "Terry" Sloane)
Mouthpiece (William "Bill" Perkins)
Neon the Unknown (Thomas "Tom" Corbett)
Neptune Perkins (no i.d.)
Phantom Eagle (Michael "Mickey" Malone)
Phantom Lady (Sandra Knight)
Plastic Man (Eel O' Brian)
Quicksilver (unknown)
Raven (never revealed)
Ray (Lanford "Happy" Terrill)
Red Bee (Richard "Rick" Raleigh)
Red Tornado (Abigail Mathilda "Ma" Hunkle)
Red Torpedo (James "Jim" Lockhart)
Robin (Richard M. "Dick" Grayson; n/a)
Robotman (Paul Dennis, born Robert "Bob" Crane)
Sandman (Wesley Bernard Dodds)
Sandy (Sanderson "Sandy" Hawkins)
Sargon (John Sargent)
#711 (Daniel "Dan" Dyce)
Shining Knight (Justin Arthur, born Sir Justin of Camelot)
Spectre (James Brendan Corrigan)
Speedy (Roy Harper; n/c)
Spider (Thomas "Tom" Hallaway)
Spider Widow (Dianne Grayton)
Spirit (Dennis "Denny" Colt)
Spy Smasher (Alan Armstrong)
Starman (Theodore "Ted" Knight)
Star-Spangled Kid (Sylvester Pemberton, Jnr.)
Stripesy (Patrick "Pat" Dugan)
Superman (Clark Kent, born Kal-L;n/c)
Sword ("Chic" Carter)
Tarantula (Jonathon Law)
TNT (Thomas N. "Tex" Thomas)
Tor (James "Jim" Slade)
Tsunami (Miya Shimada)
Uncle Sam (no i.d.)
Unknown (unrevealed)
U.S.A. (no i.d.)
Vigilante (Gregory "Greg" Saunders)
Wildcat (Ted Grant)
Wing (Wing How)
Wonder Boy (no i.d.?)
Wonder Woman (Diana Prince, born Princess Diana; n/c)
Zatara (Giovanni "John" Zatara)

Sad to say, I did most of that from memory. I need a life!

posted December 05, 2000 12:01 AM

Hero Hotline popped up in Superboy not long ago.

And there is debate as to whether or not Plastic Man has been around since the 40s or recently. There have been hints both ways in recent DCU books - I don't know the answer at present.

posted December 05, 2000 08:39 AM

Was going to add the Hero Hotline appearance in Superboy 65...but was beat to it. (but, there was Hypertime references, so even this is unsure...but I'd count it.)

And, as always, absolutely incredible.

Didn't Genius Jones appear during the Crisis? (with the brainy folks?)

posted December 05, 2000 12:57 PM

I don't think so. But the genius Darwin Jones did. (A son, perhaps?)

posted December 05, 2000 01:12 PM

Thanks, Hellstone...I had always thought they were the same guy.

Now...I wonder, could they be related?

posted December 05, 2000 01:25 PM

Is the Spirit in DC continuity? I saw his name on Clarion's list and I know DC owns the rights at present. They reprinted Spirit #1 and the Archives after all.

posted December 05, 2000 01:59 PM

I'm not sure if the Spirit is, but the "Spirit clone" - Midnight is. (Looks almost exactly like the Spirit, just isn't him).

Midnight was working with Doll Man during the All-Star Squadron days (when the Freedom Fighters were forming - around All-SS 31 to 33!)

The Clarion
posted December 05, 2000 02:06 PM

Also, the Mouthpiece looks exactly like the Spirit, too; the Clock also changed his mask to become a third Spirit clone at Quality!

posted December 05, 2000 02:06 PM

I hope the Spirit is not part of the DCU. He works very well in his own little universe.

posted December 09, 2000 01:00 AM

There's a debate about whether Plastic Man was around in the 1940's? Wasn't it made clear in "Crisis Times Five", the recent JLA/JSA crossover, that Plasticman WAS around in the 1940's, and that he grew up in the same area as Wildcat?

I personally hope he is recognized as a Golden Age character. He was the heart and soul of a lot of the All Star Squadron comics.


posted December 10, 2000 01:25 AM

Wildcat remembered a priest chasing Plas around the orphanage when Plas was a child, but I don't think it was ever established when this took place. It's kind of a gray area.

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posted December 20, 2000 11:48 AM

Do we know if the Clock mentioned in various D.C. Comics (most notably Starman) is still Brian O'Brian. I know originally he was a Centaur Comics character. Quality supposedly bought the rights to Centaur when that company folded but only used the Clock. However, a few years ago Malibu revived the old Centaur characters including Brian O'Brian as the president. They did however change his name to Nightmask. If that is in fact the same Clock he actually predates Crimson Avenger as the first costumed hero by two years.

posted January 22, 2001 08:18 PM

Some comments on the above list of secret identities:

Atom (Al Pratt) -- Full first name Albert, Nuklon was named after him.
Ibis (no i.d.) -- Prince Amentep.
Johnny Quick (Jonathan "Johnny" Chambers) -- Isn't his formal first name John, not Jonathan?
Liberty Belle (Libby Lawrence) -- I'm thinking her full name is Elizabeth “Libby” Belle Lawrence, but can't say for sure.
Manhunter II (Donald "Dan" Richards- don't ask!) -- I've always seen Daniel, where did you see Donald?
Mr. America/ The Americommando ("Tex" Thompson) -- First name is Harold, if he is Hero Hotline's Coordinator.
Plastic Man (Eel O' Brian) -- Recently given a first name, Patrick.
Quicksilver (unknown) -- Max Crandell, born Ahwehota of the Blackfoot Clan.
Red Tornado (Abigail Mathilda "Ma" Hunkle) -- Last name is Hunkel, not Hunkle.
Wing (Wing How) -- Never knew his last name was ever revealed! Do you remember where?

posted January 22, 2001 08:50 PM

Originally posted by outpost2:

Quicksilver (unknown) -- Max Crandell, born Ahwehota of the Blackfoot

Unless something more has been revealed in the pages of Impulse, I believe "Max Crandall" is just another alias, and not Max's real name. Ahwehota ("Windrunner") was the first of Max' s heroic identities; he later adopted a series of others, including Quicksilver, Max Mercury, Whip Whirlwind, Thunderpace, and Blue Streak.

posted January 23, 2001 07:54 PM

What about the status of some of DC's non costumed adventurers?

I think Slam Bradley had a grandson but don't know any more info on that and of course Speed Saunders is a recent revival.

Lance O Casey and Scoop Smith had small parts over in Power of Shazam.

What about others like Cosmo, Barry O Neill, Sandra of the secret service etc.

Does anyone have info on their appearances to date?